Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flybox Wifi?
Flybox Wifi is super fast wireless internet access for your active lifestyle.
Where is Flybox Wifi available?
Flybox Wifi is available in Red River, New Mexico. Here's our coverage map.
What does it cost?
It's free! Just connect to Flybox Wifi, and you're good to go!
Or, you can choose our super fast Premium service. It's only $10 per day, $40 per week, or $130 per month.
How fast is it?
Flybox Wifi unlimited internet access up to 10 megabit per second. That's ten times faster than the area's other wireless providers!
Are there data caps?
What if I have trouble?
We work hard to ensure that you'll have a perfect experience, but if you do run into a snag, we're happy to help. Just give us a call at 800-FLYBOX-5.
How do I connect?
Make sure wifi is enabled and connect to "Flybox Wifi", then select your subscription and pay.
Or, for more detail, check out our Connection Guide.
Can I use it with more than one device?
Your subscription is for internet access on the device you use to purchase service.
What about tethering?
We don't actively prevent you from tethering, but we don't officially support it either.
How long does my paid subscription last?
A day pass lasts 24 hours from your purchase. A week pass lasts 7 days, and a month pass lasts 30 days.
Will my subscription automatically renew?
No, but you'll wish that it did... ;-D